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Market Support Associates were commissioned to conduct research into what South Africans dream about in terms of the future of their country. This book distills the results of this survey and the optimistic feelings of the Authors. As well as the man in the street, a Dream Team of 15 prominent personalities also contributed with their opinions and suggestion to achieving the dream. Scenario Planning In Action. Brussels Green wraps a little rubbed else VG. Church of England. A justification of white superiority of the white race over others.

Pretoria nd. Bantam An early criticism of apartheid. University Publishers and Booksellers. Stellenbosch Pmb nd. The Threat To South Africa. A detailed analysis of sanctions and boycotts - military, sporting, economic, etc. A Comparative Study. Contributing editors cover both theoretical and practical aspects. The text is aimed at students of the subject.

Chapters specific to South Africa cover language medium, differentiated secondary education since , technical education, and the organised teaching profession. Extensive chapter bibliographies.

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  • Rhodesian Tapestry: A History in Needlework, Embroidered by women's institutes of Rhodesia.
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VG-F Euro. Pretoria 2nd edn.

The title means working for nothing or for a place to sleep. Extensive notes, appendices, bibliography. Business Lessons Out Of Africa. Ownership name on title. Offers a factual, concise analysis of black labour in apartheid South Africa. References, bibliography. Name inscrip.

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Africa Institute. South Africa, Black And White. Author, correspondent for NY Times and once expelled from SA, writes about the South African way of life and its then pervasive racial policy. A rigorous and comprehensive review of South African society, a detached and critical view of a troubled and complex society.

Basic coverage of marriage, divorce, customary union, property rights, inheritance, lobolo, guardians and children, conflicts with common law. Jhb 2nd edn. Author examines the pattern of politics that has emerged in South Africa since the first democratic elections of , successes, failures, corruption, the "African Renaissance", an assessment of Mbeki, etc. The old idea of the RSA as an extension of Europe makes room for the new idea of the Republic as the main spring of economic development for Southern Africa. A detailed analysis of contemporary problems and a suggested solution of a system of cantons.

Leon Louw was director of the Free Market Foundation at the time. Ciskei 2nd revd. Land useage is seen as the central issue preventing the elimination of poverty. The Free People. Volume 1: Extensive bibliography. The original edition of this standard reference work on the subject matter is reprinted here as Vol. F, bds. Cape Town rpt. Inscribed by Author on ffep thus. Dec An analysis of the obstacles to democratisation in post-independence Africa which offers a bold insight into colonialism's legacy. Detailed studies of rural Ugandan and urban South African resistance movements shows how the resultant institutional features of post-colonialism fragment resistance and play off reform in one sector against resistance in another.

Extensive notes. Princeton UP. New Jersey African Writer's Series. Some sm.

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Oxford Inscrip ffep, wraps rubbed, G. A Call For Reason. Well-known South African broadcaster puts his own thoughts onto paper, drawing on his experience and interviews whilst with the SABC.

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Contributed papers on various aspects of the privatisation process, with appendices, list of privatiseable entities, etc. Kenwyn The End Of Rhodesia's Rebellion. Detailed review of the last days of white -rule. Tea-stained f, inscrip half-title, hence G only. Galaxie Press. Zimbabwe revd. Social Psychological Perspectives. Contributed articles from leading social scientists examine aspects of South African society and show the contribution that their own disciplines can make to our understanding of how it functions and where it is heading. This Memorandum was prepared on behalf of the Black Academic Staff Association and takes the form of answers and comments to a questionnaire prepared for this purpose by BASA.

Author was Professor of Philosophy at Rhodes University Spro-Cas Publication Number Some preliminary ff loose common, poor bindings hence G-. Focuses on the role of US multinationals in influencing South Africa as opposed to the disinvestment alternative. Excepting inkstain bott. Frances Pinter. A concise look at the studies of van den Berghe, Adam, and O'Dowd.

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  4. A Black Man Confronts Africa. Author, sent as the Washington Post's chief correspondent to Africa in , is forced to face the deep cultural divide between his self and Africa. A personal memoir that covers three years and 19 countries. The historical context leading up to the settlement proposals are dealt with but the focus of succeeding chapters is on a future post-independent Namibial with special emphasis on the political and economic structure. More than just an academic study, also serves as reference for those concerned with decisions in policy-making.

    Name inscrip inside rubbed f. Tycoons, Revolutionaries And Apartheid.

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    The relation between international big business and black political movements is examined. Name inscrip f. Foreword by Garfield Todd. White bds, 36pp. Alexander Maclehose. August, September, October, December, A non-neoliberal viewpoint and analysis.

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    David McKay. NY Forword by Jan Hofmeyr. An introduction to the "native problem" as then perceived. G only. Inscribed ffep thus: "H. Good Hope. Ship's Library". A CIA Story.

    Author details the CIA's Angola paramilitary program of to illustrate his argument that the CIA clandestine services should have been abolished. New York From early colonists to the present day, this in-depth study gives a historical perspective but essentially concern the postwar immigrant from the UK to South Africa.